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Deep Soul Healing & Intuitive Readings

Back in 2018 I started my journey as a sound healer, then I got introduced to Reiki.

Fast forward to 2022, I've had conducted over 100 sessions, to over 70 clients, in-person and distant.

My practice evolved so much that my real gifts started to take over the sessions.

My clients have experienced deep soul healing in their first session. And I'd love for you to experience it, too.

Are you ready to heal?

All sessions are conducted intuitively, that means that you may not only experience Reiki energy, but you may experience sound healing, crystal healing, healing in your Akashic Records, and any modality that your soul may be ready to receive.
If we have worked together before, you know that the session speaks directly to your soul. And that is something you will continue to receive from me. 

The Awakened Soul (Intuitive Healing)

$188 | 95-110minutes (When Booking for the 1st time)

$148 | 75 minutes (When Booking A Follow Up Session - Last session in the last 12 months)

During this session (distant), I will channel energy for you, you will receive a full energy scan that will allow us to understand energetic and emotional blockages. 

The Awakened Soul Session covers messages in 11 different points of your body (including 7 chakras), you will  receive what are the scents (oils) that your soul is calling so you can receive support, and any other healing tool that may be present during your session.

This session may contain crystal healing or crystal information that will support your journey, sound healing, channeled messages from your Spirit Guides or my Guides. You will also receive information about your Energetic Centers (Chakras), their initial state (blocked, open, or any imbalances), and I will explain any hidden messages behind these centers,  and information that could help you to keep those centers vibrating at a high frequency.


Something to keep in mind, when receiving healing in Distant Modality, the first 45 minutes are done without any communication between us, I will work remotely on your energy field while you rest listening to music that I will provide. All messages received will be disclosed in our Zoom meeting after the Intuitive Healing has finished. This Zoom session will be recorded, and you will gain access to it 5 business days after your session. You will have access for up to 90 days to listen to your recording as many times you need to. When booking this service as distant, please provide Full name, location, and Date of Birth. Schedule for Energy Healing:  Starting November 2021, for all new clients the sessions will be provided as distant; unless you've been referred by a client. If you've been referred by an existing client, please provide her full name in the notes. Sessions are available Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

1st Time or if your last session was over 12 months ago

Book if your previous session was less than 12 months ago

The Alchemized Soul (Intuitive Healing + Coaching) 

A combined Service | Starting at $355*

This is a combined service (in-person and distant) 

This service includes the session "The Awakened Soul" + 2 Coaching Calls of 55 minutes each.

The Alchemized Soul is a combination of "The Awakened Soul" (95 minute session) that can be taken in-person if you are a pre-existing client, and after you get all the information behind that first session we will schedule 2 coaching calls where we will focus on how to integrate some of the tools or practices that came up during the healing session, or we will discuss your recent experiences, challenges, and anything that may be preventing you to live your dreamed life.
During this time you may experience: Soul Guidance Pull Cards (Up to 3), Meditation, Sound Healing, and you may receive questions to develop and journal after each coaching session.
You will receive audio recordings from all 3 sessions.
The coaching call audios are for you to keep, The Awakened Soul audio will follow the same guidelines expressed in the previous description.

It is recommended that coaching calls get scheduled in the first 2 weeks after going through "The Awakened Soul."

For Booking This Session:
Choose on the calendar a day for "The Awakened Soul" and we will book your coaching calls after that session ends. 
You will receive Zoom links for the Coaching calls in the next 48 hours after that 1st session has ended.

In case of wanting or needing additional Coaching Calls, you will be invoiced in advance at the rate of $99 for 55 minutes.

Any questions please email Denise at

To book an Akashic Records Reading click here

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