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The Rising Soul (Akashic Reading)

$210| 75-95 minutes (Virtual Only)

One of the main purposes of our soul is to constantly elevate itself. Sometimes with our life experience we are able to do it on our own, and it becomes our journey. But sometimes when we see patterns and situations repeating constantly in our lives, we may need help from our Guides, Ancestors, and our loved ones who are not here anymore to guide us from this plane. 


The Akashic Records are considered the database of your soul’s journey; every emotion, thought, event, feeling, memories, actions, and deeds experienced in each lifetime, are stored there.


We can see this as an energetic library, the library or dimension that holds your soul’s purest essence.

Every person has an Akashic Record, and through a prayer and your permission, I connect with your Akashic Records.


During this service you will be able to receive guidance from your Masters, Teachers, Loved ones, Light beings, and Spirit Guides that are here to guide you to face the challenges that you may be going through during this lifetime. They will only provide information that is for your highest good, and that will support your soul’s growth.

When accessing to the Akashic Records I connect to the highest frequency, and it’s under that frequency that I ask your soul to meet me. So, during this session you will receive an aura cleansing. You will also receive 25 minutes of intuitive energy healing You will be able to ask between 3-5 questions around a subject or different subjects that you need guidance with,  and this may be related to: career, purpose, family, past lives healing, relationships, health/diet. In the Akashic Records time is not linear like we experience here, so information that you may receive won’t have a date for you to remember, since this might be something beneficial for your future self. The best questions to ask in the Akashic Records are the ones that start with: Why, How, or What. Here's the structure of this service: First 30 minutes of our session will happen without us having any communication. You will receive prior to the session a link so you can listen to a specific song. During those first 30 minutes I will conduct your aura cleansing + the intuitive energy healing where I will read 4 different points from the Akashic Records --Your current challenge (this may be at a subconscious level, What are the actions needed, What is your soul calling, What is the lesson you need to learn at the moment of the reading. After those first 30 minutes, we will meet via Zoom and you will be able to ask your 3-5 questions. All Zoom calls will be recorded, and the audio will be sent to you in the next 5 business days.

This service is 100% distant.

* Service open to clients that have already worked through The Awakened Soul. 

You can book both sessions; The Awakened Soul + The Rising Soul through "The Alchemized Soul bundle" (scroll down once you click on the link)

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Client Love

Who Are We

"My Akashic records reading with Denise was amazing! She is truly gifted with what she does and her enthusiasm for helping others is so beautiful! I was able to get so much insight and clarity in my life and business! It was honestly so crazy to me how accurate and helpful the things that she said was. I feel like I am now so much more confident in the decisions I was trying to make and I feel like I know myself a bit better! I’m so grateful for this reading!!"

— Mara Harwell


“Denise is amazing with her Akashic Reading work. Judgment free and a very safe place to release all that comes to you in your moments of reflections.  I have known Denise for many years in my journey and trust her in every step of my process in healing.  Her patience and kindness comes truly from her heart and is there for you in guiding you through this process we call "Life".  You will love her work and her as a person as I have along with  my whole family.  I do really "Trust" her with my Life.”

— Tracy Monte

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