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Atman = Real Self, Soul, Spirit

In 2022 I'm looking to connect more with my tribe, a community of people actively looking for an opportunity to heal at a soul level.

That's why this year I'll be hosting a monthly Reiki healing via Zoom for a small group. 

Why under the full moon? 

Because this energy will be our ally in our healing journey, it will allow us to release what no longer serves us, and it will help us to create space and receive the new energy. 

What you can expect:

A Women's Community

A Sacred Space 

A Night to Reset, Release & Receive

Online | Atman Healing (Group Reiki)
$20.20 | 75 minutes
Event held via Zoom during the Full Moon.

Every month we will gather for 75 minutes to receive some healing through Reiki and sounds for a Full Moon release.
We will open the session with some breathing and sounds to ground ourselves, during the Reiki portion you will listen to some high frequencies, and at the end we will share our experience. 

What you need for this session:
A quiet space where you can sit or lie down.
Headphones especially during the sound bath at the end. Only if available, you can still receive the benefits without them.
Link to Zoom will be shared 2-3 hours before session starts.

Group will be limited to 20 attendees.

Upcoming Dates:
July: Wednesday, July 13th - 8:00pm EST
August: Wednesday, August 10th - 8:00pm EST
September: Saturday, September 10th - 8:00pm EST


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