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Reiki in a Box


Product Description:

This is a new product that will be completely customized to you.

Box contains (1) Palo Santo, (1) White Sage, (1) EO Roller Bottle, and 3-5 Crystals.


When you buy this box you will have a 20-minute call with me (Denise), we will talk about You and the areas of your life where you need extra help. Examples: Releasing Fear, Mental Clarity, Grief, Divorce, Career, Emotional Pain, Motivation, Finances, etc, etc.


Once the video call is over your story will be analized and I will find the crystals and the essential oil blend that will help you navigate life feeling lighter and supported.

I will charge your crystals and everything contained in the box with Reiki Energy (Universal Life Force Energy).


Call will be scheduled after purchase - video call through Zoom or Facetime.

Item will be shipped within 5-7 business days. 



Reiki in a Box

SKU: BWI1982
  • Ships to Continental United States. 

    Ships between 5-7 business days through USPS.

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